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What is OSCommerce ?

OS Commerce stands for Open Source Commerce. Open Source Commerce or OS Commerce is a software program for e-commerce and management of online stores. It is a free software which is issued under GNU Public License. It is used by web serves who have installation of PHP or MySQL.

History of OS Commerce

OS Commerce firstly starts in 2000 by German Harald Ponce de Leon (project manager and leader) in his project as The Exchange of Project. In 2008, 14000 live sites use OS Commerce. This number of user is enough for conservatives to install OS Commerce software in their hosting panel applications. So as time pass its various versions appears in market who met the needs of its users. In 2010, OS Commerce v2.2 version is introduced in markets and so on 2.3. These versions provide facility of table-less web designs with the tool of social networking. In 2011, OS Commerce introduced 3.0 version. In August 2011, 3.0.2 version is released which is the latest version. Now latest version is OS Commerce Online Merchant 2.3.4 available in markets which is released on 5 June 2014.

Branches of OS Commerce

OSCommerce is earliest distribution software of Open Source of Shopping Carts based on PHP. It has spawned fork such as Zen Cart and Batavi.

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