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Web Designing and Development

Web designing and web development are two different things but connected with each other. A web design is most complicated part of a web site. By a web design we see things in sconce. In simple language we can say that a web design is a frame where a web site process and compete others. If we want to understand what is web designs then we have to know about web sites.

What is a Web Site?

A web site is a plate form of a company where a company serves its customers with their products and facilities. By a web site a company get feed backs about their products or facilities and get direct access to common peoples. By having direct access a company can get more and accurate feedback about their new or old product and can also get new ideas to improve their facilities. For all these purpose a web design is very helpful for us.

What is a Web Design?

A web design is a complicated design which is result of efforts of a web designer. Term of web design is usually used to describe the design process relevant to customers’ side of a web site which includes mark up of writing. In this new and modern age where peoples are developing web technology, a web design can help you to communicate in markets. A web design have many tools which are very helpful in conjunction in web marketing such as Social Media, Feedbacks and Blogs and many more.

Many areas of a web design includes web graphics designs, Interference designs (which includes authoring and standardized code and property software), user experiences designs and optimized search engine. A good and complicated design can save you from copy. A web design can give you interference by which you can delete or add new items or services. Sometimes one and sometimes more than one person work individually on different parts of a web design for a web site. A web design is designed or overlap by web engineers. The web engineers is the persons who work on web designs and known as web designer or web developer.

Quality of a Web Design

An attractive and good design can have some following qualities.

Quality of Codes

A designer should use quality codes which means a designer should have good practice of standard codes by which design become most complicated and gives you copy rights.

Page Layout

A user interference is effected by page layout, therefore a quality page layout is very important part of a quality web design. In other words a good web designer must focus on quality of a page layout.

Communication & Marketing Design

The design must be marketing and communication design, so it may be define what work is achieve on its target market.

User Experience Design

A good web design is that design which is easily understand by its users. For example a design is qualified and good if it is easily use by its user.

Design must be Interactive

A user interactive design is very useful and very beneficiary for its users and also friendly to its user. A user friendly design is demanded by customers. A qualified web designer always build user friendly design.

Web Designers at eComHut

At eComHut we have qualified and experienced web designers who give you qualified services and provide you user friendly designs.

Web Development

The work which is involved in developing a web site is term of web development. Web development is start from developing plain text and keeps on even it becomes most complex web based application or electronic business or social network service. Web developer’s works on different tasks such as development of contents, scripting on client side, configuring of network security, client liaison, development of e-commerce and web servers. There are many open sources of web developments for e-commerce website such as Drupal, Magneto, JavaScript, Word Press etc. We at eCom Hut, serves you with our qualified Magneto and Drupal Developers. Our developers are highly experienced in their work and provide you their best services and fulfil your needs.

Magneto or Magento

Software of magneto is developed by Varien Inc. Magneto was officially starts its development in early 2007 and after seven months, first public beta version was released. Magneto is actually an open source of CMS (content management system). We provide you our best and qualified services of Magneto development.


Drupal is another free and open source of CMS (content management system). Drupal is written under PHP. We at eCom Hut provide you faculty of Drupal development. Our Drupal developers provide our customers qualified services.

We are energetic, easy to work and is committed to providing your memory a shape. Pakistan is our base- but we work with clients across the borders regardless of your color and nationality.

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